Dragon call…..www.jcbphone.co.uk

Dragon Peter Jones CBE and JCB have launched a new range of super tough phones. There are four phones in the range ranging from a basic to the all singing and dancing Pro Talk TP851.
During the course of the presentation in East London’s Brick Lane, the handsets were thrown at plates, dropped from great heights , submerged in water, buried under a ton of sand , run over by a very heavy JCB and still they survived .
If any of the above events should happen to you It will be a comfort to know that your phone will still be chirping away.
Priced just a fraction above their more delicate sisters they won’t break the bank either. Peter told The Landscaper , “We’ve seen huge and rapid growth in the mobile phone market with ‘smart’ phone devices, but if you lead an outdoor lifestyle or work in a particularly rugged environment, these aren’t always suitable. This is why I got behind the JCB phone in 2008 and why my people are expanding the range now from one handset to four to meet different high impact needs”.


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