Turf maintenance and renovation contracts have been transformed for Warwickshire-firm, Avonmore Associates, following the addition of a Turfmech SQRL walk-behind greens sweeper to the company’s machinery fleet.
Purchased primarily for clearing-up following scarifying and hollow coring operations, the SQRL has produced time savings of up to 50 per cent accompanied by significant reductions in manpower and effort.

“Before we purchased the SQRL, three or four staff were employed to collect and remove thatch debris and hollow cores from bowling and golf greens using brooms, shovels and wheelbarrows,” commented Brian Buttler, founder of Avonmore Associates. “One man can now do the same job in close to half the time, bringing major cost savings and helping us fit more work into a day. The machine has transformed our operations.”

Powered by a 13hp Honda engine, the SQRL gathers surface debris using a 600mm (24in) wide, fully-floating combined brush/paddle head which elevates collected material into a 0.35 cu m (12.4 cu ft) hopper. The hopper is hydraulically raised for emptying and has a maximum above-ground clearance of 1.2m (4ft) when tipped.

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