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When working in public areas such as parks, schools, hospitals or tourist hotspots, sound levels are always a concern so as not to disturb the peace. Likewise, noise levels are also an issue for the user with prolonged periods of exposure causing hearing problems and often, permanent damage.
The Control of Noise at Work Regulations stipulate that hearing protection is mandatory for equipment over 85 decibels. At just 77 decibels, Billy Goat’s QuietVac series whispers while it works and has the lowest dB compared to other vacs on the market.
The QVs are part of Billy Goat’s extensive vacuum range and are the world’s quietest vacuums. Available as either hand or self-propelled models the QVs can hold an impressive 36 gallons (136 litres) of debris in its collection bag. In addition to this, the machines feature exclusive dust sock technology that drastically reduces dust particles as small as 0.1 micron. for additional operator protection and improved air quality. Dust reduction is furthered by a state of the art, unique cyclonic filtration system that reduces dust in dry conditions without compromising on suction power.
With an industrial width of 33” the QuietVacs are ideal for wide areas of commercial, industrial land and municipal clean up. This means that wide, vast areas and estates can be cleared with minimal effort and noise disruption.
The self-propelled models utilities hydro drive transmission with forward and reverse speeds from 0 to 3mph to help negotiate tight spots with ease, making them first pedestrian vacuums to be able to do this. They also have durable front castors for easy operation on uneven surfaces, and the height can be adjusted from half an inch up to three inches.
The Billy Goat QuietVacs weigh between 80kg and 113kg (dependent upon the engine size), and prices start from £1889.99 (including VAT). An optional hose kit that expands to 10 feet can be purchased separately.
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