Digs Deep …Takeuchi TB 219

Designed and built specifically for cemetery services the new TB219 has key features that have made a big impression including an extra long dipper arm that excavates safely to the depths required for 7ft and 9ft graves typical in most cemeteries across the UK
Eddie Bloor Assistant Funeral Services Manager at Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council points out the benefits
“Reliability was vital and Takeuchi came with a good reputation. We needed the additional digging depth to excavate typical 7ft graves safely. It was vital the machine was compact enough to get in and around some quite busy graveyard areas and so far so good the machine is proving a popular choice with operators”
The TB219 features an extra long dozer blade and long dipper arm key features for digging deep with wide extended tracks provides a very safe digging platform
For cemetery grave digging services the added dipper arm length is the key feature getting a dig depth to 2520mm meeting typical 7ft 2 person graves.
The machine is compact in size for a 2-tonne capacity. It can travel using narrow track width just 980mm wide getting the machine safely in and around graves. The tracks can then extend out to 1370mm when positioned for digging to give a very stable digging platform when digging deep.
The long dipper arm means the nearside of the grave can be easily excavated, the TB219 gets far closer to the nearside of the grave, and operators have a clear view in the foot well. The added length gets bucket to blade contact, very useful for on-site clean-up and finish

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