Designed for maintenance …Workshop

Will the thousands of green spaces, newly designed this year, live up to the hype and deliver good planting value year after year?
These are some of the questions to be raised at Design For Maintenance.
Nick Coslett, marketing manager and organiser of the event says: “We’re going to look in depth at what happens after the design and construction stages are finished. The early stages of a garden build usually absorb all the glory and the limelight, not to mention the money but we all recognise that iconic plantings in gardens and landscapes are in fact shaped by years of care and tending by skilled horticulturalists.’
Andy Sturgeon, 2010’s Chelsea Gold Medal winner and last year’s holder of Best In Show will chair the event. Professor James Hitchmough will present on the day alongside Gill Chamberlain and James Alexander-Sinclair.
Tel: +44 (0)1233 811304

(Design For Maintenance.’ to be held at the Ashford International Hotel on Wednesday 28th September)

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