De Douglas Boomkwekerijproducten BV

De Douglas Boomkwekerijproducten BV is a family business that is currently led by the fifth and sixth generation of tree nurserymen: Andy Doomen, ( pictured ) his three daughters, and his son-in-law. The company specialises in sowing tree nursery products in plugs (deciduous and coniferous), for rootstocks, forestry, Christmas tress, hedge plants, and other types of plants.
Around 1990, the company switched from traditional cultivation to the use of plugs. The advantage of using plugs is a better sowing result, controllable growth, and a broader, easier season. This is obviously a novelty for forestry and hedge growers.

The nursery can be found in Wernhout, where the plants grow in foil tunnels on 4.5 hectare, and 1.5 hectare of greenhouses.
In plug cultivation, many things are automated, from sowing to making the products ready for delivery. De Douglas has developed a number of machines, such as a sowing machine that was formerly used in growing vegetables, and a robot for putting out trays. The last one was developed in cooperation with a specialised machine company.
In 2000, the company founded a subsidiary company in Poland. There, they specialise in the subsequent cultivation of a part of the seedlings in larger plugs and pots.
The products are mainly sold to tree nurseries in Europe. Many plants are ordered and grown according to the specification of the customer.
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