Crash avoidance kit

Eyedrive Systems says its Mobileye Advance Warning System predicts crashes before they happen, alerts the driver to the danger and can . The system uses computer vision technology to scan and check road and traffic data in real time and can copy warnings to fleet managers for driver monitoring. Eyedrive aims to sell its systems to van, truck, bus and coach operators where it says the system will deliver big safety benefits and help firms meet corporate obligations. Developed in the Netherlands over ten years by Mobileye NV, the kit uses easily installed computer-vision systems to predict frontal collisions, unintended lane departures and tailgating. "It is a proven statistic that 80% of all road crashes are preceded by about three seconds of inattention, during which time Mobileye can bring the driver’s attention back to road," says Mike Macro, at Eyedrive Sytems, the UK importer. In June, the system won the Brake Fleet Safety Forum "Fleet Safety Product of 2009" award. BMW, GM and Volvo have adopted Mobileye.

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