Cool Cat

Campey Turf Care has introduced the Imants Sandcat as part of a new range designed by the Dutch manufacturer.

Matched to a 30hp tractor the Sandcat pads lightly over the turf, with 21 blades of 8mm thickness penetrating the sward to 150mm deep at 150mm centres. Sand can be applied from the 500 litre hopper into the slits to improve drainage and enhance the rootzone quality.

The Sandcat can also be used empty to act as a mini version of Imants’ proven Shockwave decompactor, breaking up thatch and improving surface drainage.

Simon Gumbrill, sales director at Campey Turf Care says: “The Imants Sandcat is an affordable compaction relieving tool that should be really useful to greenkeepers and managers of other fine turf surfaces – it can be used to sand slit or just to decompact, allowing air to reach the turf roots, helping to reduce the problem of surface water. It complements existing Imants machines as it can tackle thatch or perched water table issues.” . +44 (0)1260 224568

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