Common Sense

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE ) and the Crop Protection Association (CPA) are reminding users of the risks of using hand-held spraying equipment whilst driving ATVs and similar vehicles, including quad bikes and mini tractors.
The advice follows HSE’s clarification of the Best Practice guidelines on the use of hand-held sprayers; emphasising the requirement for work to be carried out by competent, trained operators and advising drivers not to hold a spraying lance on a moving vehicle because of the risk to the sprayer operator, the public and the environment.
“We’re delighted that we’ve been able to work with the HSE’s Agriculture team and Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) in clarifying these best practice guidelines,” says Dr Anne Buckenham, CPA’s Director of Policy. “Although primarily aimed at the amenity sector, particularly with the application of pesticides on footpaths or on other public areas, they also apply to users of hand-held sprayers in the agriculture and horticulture industries.
“It’s about using common sense and adhering to the guidelines. A sprayer operator’s main focus should always be on safe and appropriate application; a hand-lance should only be used when the vehicle is stationary and out of gear,” advises Dr Buckenham.

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