Collaboration produces results

Simon Richard UK Agent for the Reform & Shibaura tractor and Muthing flail ranges has introduced the MU-FM Hydro flail in collaboration with Ransomes Jacobsen.
Commenting on the new product Simon Richard told The Landscaper “The combination of increased rainfall and the economic downturn has had consequences for the UK ground care sector which requires a new approach. For some considerable time we have been stressing the financial and performance benefits afforded to UK Local Authorities from an increased use of flails. Issues such as a reduction in frequency of cut and having to work on longer wet grass, particularly on slopes, can only be addressed by the use of equipment fit for purpose.
Ransomes Jacobsen, one the largest manufacturers of cylinder mowers have also been working in this area with the development of their Meteor ride on triple mower, which uses a Magna cutting frame and flail rotor, so when they approached us to discuss possible flail development, we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with them.
Their Ransomes HR300 is the ideal tractor unit on which to mount the MU-FM Hydro out front flail, which features high rotor speed and Muthing’s new “C” type self-cleaning blades together with their proven “Shark Fin” shredding bar technology to produce optimum cut quality, be it in rough bramble areas or on fine turf. Available in 140cm and 160cm width options, the MU-FM’s easy to use height adjustment allows perfect contour following and an even cut to produce a fine pleasing visual finish. Cut shredded material is left evenly distributed behind the mower.
Testing has proven the MU-FM Hydro flail to be an “all-rounder” machine, capable of performing just as efficiently on long wet grass as it does on short fine turf or football pitches. The Muthing ground care mulching mower range, developed and tested in Britain, also offers proven performance and agronomic benefits, including pest and disease reduction, plus faster decomposition of cut material.
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