Cash bonus for customers

Specialist nursery Architectural Plants is offering its trade customers a cash bonus – in addition to normal trade discount – to reward loyal customers for their business during the year.
In what is believed to be the first scheme of this kind in the horticulture sector, the Horsham-based nursery – which specialises in topiary, unusual trees and evergreens – will be giving trade customers, once they have enrolled, five per cent cash back on their purchases over the full year, payable each January.
“We have been selling to the trade for over 20 years and wanted to give something back to our customers, and as far as I am aware, we are the first nursery to offer this kind of reward,” owner Angus White told The Landscaper.
“Anyone wanting to receive CashBack will be given a target spend, based on spending with us in previous years. The only stipulation in receiving the extra five per cent is that this target is met and the CashBack will be based on the whole annual spend, not just the amount spent over the target.
“Anyone not reaching their targets will still get the normal discount we offer all trade customers, so CashBack is an extra reward.”
Architectural Plants will work out customers’ CashBack figure and prepare a self-billing invoice, which will include the VAT element for those who are registered.
TEl 01403 891772
Architectural Plants is based in Nuthurst, near Horsham, and is about to open an extensive 35-acre nursery near Pulborough for trade customers.

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