Carving new path

StoneGenie is now offering the latest in digital masonry techniques. The technology harnesses computer technology and a robotic mason together, producing quick and perfect results time after time.
After initial scanning of any 3-D object or model, a computer file is created, which StoneGenie then interprets to carve anything in natural stone. The computer technology is able to accommodate many different file formats, enabling clients to provide their own computer generated designs if desired. StoneGenie is also able to re scale models up and down in size, plus has the capability to ‘repair’ broken artefacts on screen, before commencing carving. The robot works in conjunction with a 7 axis turnatable enabling the flexibility to carve from every angle. This allows the greatest amount of detail yet achieved with this type of technology. Previous versions have not been able to work one piece of stone, without the need to re set the work during production, which left a ‘seam’ line.
StoneGenie will extend the creativity of designers enabling them to produce bespoke designs that would previously have been unattainable due to the time and cost involved using traditional methods. StoneGenie can benefit their businesses and organisations as well as sculptors, garden and interior designers.
Tel 01844 279274
See the results of Stoneworld’s StoneGenie on Thomas Hoblyn’s show garden for the Foreign & Colonial Trust at Chelsea 2009. Beautifully carved stone seats have been created from original designs using StoneGenie.

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