Building pitches for 30 years

Regular maintenance of artificial turf is necessary to keep playing surfaces clean, bacteria-free and allow water infiltration. So offering a maintenance package to clients for whom Smith Construction has just installed a new synthetic pitch is an important part of the company’s business.
“Having a regular maintenance regime in place is a requirement of our guarantee for the new surface, and as part of our offering to the client, we wanted to be able to carry this out on their behalf,” explains Plant Manager Russ Smith.

The company has been building sports pitches for 30 years and has offered maintenance services for the last 10 years. Maintenance contracts are negotiated on a 3 to 5 year basis, can include routine weekly/fortnightly sweeps with a brush or dragmat and quarterly or twice yearly deep cleaning.
“If clients wish to do their own routine maintenance we can sell them the equipment for this,” Russ explains. “But we do the specialist deep cleaning operation, and we recently purchased a Verti-Top from Charterhouse Turf Machinery to perform this task.”
Smith Construction has added a new Kubota tractor to the fleet to work with the Verti-Top. The 25hp B2530 is the latest in a long line of Kubotas owned by the company. “We use them for everything from landscaping to lawn mowing. You know what you are getting with Kubota – they are well built, reliable tractors that are simple to maintain and hold their value,” comments Russ.
The 2530’s compact size means that it can fit in the company’s long wheel base Mercedes van with the Verti-Top, and it has been specified with a hydrostatic transmission.
“The infinitely variable speed means that you can set the forward speed and maintain it regardless of the demand on the PTO made by the Verti-Top,” comments Russ
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