Recent statistics from the Flowers & Plants Association show a near 30% year-on-year increase in pot plant sales in the UK for the month of July.
Data specially collected for the F&PA from retail sales figures shows that unlike last July, where pot plant sales showed a sharp decrease in popularity, July 2009 has seen a boom in pot plant sales – which continues a trend in popularity since March this year, where pot plants showed a sudden increase in sales, particularly from supermarkets.
Sarah Holland, communications manager of the Association, says:
“ The rise in pot plant trends suggests that some people are preferring to buy indoor plants as a longer-lasting decorating choice in favour of cut flowers; as sales of cut flowers have not shown the same year on year increases. The top choices for pot plants are orchids, lilies and other flowering plants, showing that UK consumers enjoy buying something floral for the summer months.“
Consumers may also be buying indoor plants for another reason – to improve their indoor environment and wellbeing. The F&PA has carried out extensive promotional work on the health benefits of indoor plants at recent consumer shows and exhibitions.
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