Brush up

Overstone Park Golf Club in Northamptonshire has recently taken delivery of a Sisis Flexibrush, designed to groom and stand up the sward as well as removing dew, using floating v-brush sections.
Course manager David Bevan told The Landscaper “Brushing away the dew dries the turf, reducing the risk of disease,” In winter, standing up the sward really improves presentation and reduces the frequency of mowing required.”
The Flexibrush is 5.35m wide, giving a generous output on fairways and roughs, but is light enough to be handled by a compact tractor. It also folds for transport and storage, with convenient parking legs allowing easy and safe storage in the shed.
“The rear springs allow the brush to follow ground contours, producing a consistent result on undulating fairways,” he explains. “I also like the action of the V-brushes which brush the grass in both directions for an improved finish and really get into the sward.”
Another benefit, he points out, is that the V-sections can be interchanged and turned round as the bristles begin to wear, prolonging their life.
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