Blue grass…..Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC kicked off the football season in style with a revolutionary new addition to the pitch at Stamford Bridge.
During the summer break, over 1000m2 of brand new Profoot MXSi 4G artificial turf from Lano Sports was installed and now surrounds the pitch, providing a high-performance and visually appealing surface for one of the most tread-upon locations of the playing area.
Laid by White Horse Contractors, specialists in real and artificial turf coverings, this cutting-edge surface delivers an impressive aesthetic that far surpasses traditional 3G turfs. These widely used 3G grasses require a rubber and sand infill, and therefore need more regular maintenance after use. While offering exceptional durability, the appearance of 3G turfs can be compromised by the infill when compared to natural grass.
As a solution to this problem, Lano Sports developed Profoot MXSi 4G, and Chelsea FC are one of the first to capitalise on this pioneering, high-impact sports surface. In contrast to 3G artificial grasses, Lano’s state-of-the-art 4G turfs comprise two tightly bonded monofilament yarns, one for the root zone and another for the surface fibre, with no need for infill substances. This gives a more authentic and natural look whilst still retaining the superb performance levels demanded by top-level premiership teams such as Chelsea FC.
Rick Thorley, UK sales manager, Lano Sports, told The Landscaper “Chelsea originally had a 3G surface laid on the pitch surrounds, and while it provided a durable base able to withstand the pressures of a full season and changeable weather conditions, the club were not happy with the aesthetics. As a result, White Horse Contractors, who have worked very closely with the football club in the past, were approached to provide a solution to this problem and thankfully Lano Sports had just cared new sports surface Profoot MXSi 4G turf that fitted the bill perfectly.
“Chelsea are regarded as one of the biggest international clubs, and with so many games televised around the world, the look of the pitch is critical to their stature and image.
As the artificial turf pitch surround is only separated from the natural grass pitch by the white lines that mark the boundary, the club wanted a seamless look. Thanks to the realistic appearance of Lano Sports Profoot MXSi 4G product, we were able to deliver the ideal solution.”
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