Blinder Bunkers

Profusion Environmental has been responsible for installing in excess of 10,000m² of bunker lining at golf clubs within the UK and Europe since joining forces with Blinder Bunker Liner in 2010. This year Profusion is expecting to double the quantity installed
The Salisbury-based construction company formed by Nigel Wyatt has ensured that the bunker liner systems have been installed to the highest possible specification ensuring that golf clubs can expect the five year guarantee to be exceeded.
“We recognised in Blinder Bunker Liner a product that will be hugely beneficial to golf clubs resolving on-going bunker problems which, when not dealt with, can be draining in terms of human and financial resource,” explained Nigel.
“We are delighted that Blinder Bunker Liner has put its faith in Profusion Environmental and I feel sure that our collaboration will be increasingly successful.”
Murray Long, who developed Blinder Bunker Liner, is equally confident of the success of the partnership.
“I am 100% confident in the quality of the product and I needed to be 100% confident in the quality of the installation of it. Profusion Environmental gives me that confidence and I know that our customers will be satisfied with the new bunkers we give them,” said Murray.
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