Blending with the environment

Path lighting in a landscape of any size is important, namely for illuminating safe access routes.
By Martin Bennett
 The correct fittings can form part of a satisfying overall garden lighting theme. Instead of the more standard, commercial Bollard style lighting; many decorative options are now seen as a smart choice. These lights are equally as durable, but far more in-keeping with the natural surroundings of the garden, and the aesthetics of a traditional premises.
A solution is to use elegant lights that will match the natural environment, crafted from materials such as Brass, Copper, Teak or Pine. A good example would be Brass shaded ‘spread lights’ which illuminate downwards in a circular spread. Brass lights look subtle and classic in any garden and will last for years. Lights made from Wood also blend extremely well in any garden.
Teak wood lights are crafted from the ‘Tectona Grandis’ hardwood species and are highly durable, producing a natural oil which helps protect from outdoor conditions. As Teak is subject to outdoor weather conditions, it starts to age and develop a duller, soft, grey appearance. This elegant, lightweight wood is ideal for both domestic and commercial use and is very easy to maintain. To add a further protective coating from weather conditions, teak sealer should be applied periodically to help protect and freshen up path lights.
Recently lights made from more heavy duty Radiata pine have become available. Radiata Pine is sourced from South Africa where the dry weather increases its density resulting in low splitting properties, which means the timber won’t crack or shake more than 5mm. Most domestic softwoods display significant cracks or splitting as the timber seasons.
Various styles of Pine lights are available using Brass lights inserted into machined orifices into sleepers or posts. Both 12v and 240v options are available and all are LED compatible. The Pine is also chemically treated and Kiln dried to give it a guaranteed life of up to 15 years. Similar Pine is used in Children’s playgrounds and nature reserves.

Martin Bennett is the founder of Lumena Lights

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