Big fry

Our long term love affair with the humble chip is believed to have first begun back in the 1790’s in France although it was not until the 1860’s that fish and chip shops began opening across the UK. Nowadays, an astonishing 277 million portions of chips are sold in UK fish and chip shops every year.
While there are literally thousands of different varieties of potatoes grown around the world; there are approximately 80 varieties grown commercially across the UK. Our expectation is therefore that we will always have plenty of potatoes; however, the reality of this could be different.
A range of skills are required by those who grow our potatoes; these include: aware of the general cultural practices for vegetable production; management of problems such as pest, disease and weed control; irrigation; harvest and post-harvest treatment of different vegetables; and even marketing strategies for different vegetables.
Lantra, the Sector Skills Council for environmental and land-based industries represents the production horticulture industry, and works to help secure and improve the future of businesses by ensuring that those working in the industry have the right skills for the job at hand. If you are interested in finding out about a career in this sector…
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