Bespoke trailers

Difference and variety is exciting, which is why British manufacturer SCH was recently delighted to receive an order for 12 bespoke trailers from Ransomes Jacobsen Ltd.
Ransomes has supplied quipment for events such as championship golf courses and the World Cup, and SCH is thrilled to be a supplier of equipment to a company that demands such high standards.

The trailers will be used for transporting mowers from the greenkeepers compound to the greens, with each trailer able to take two mowers at once.
To ensure the mowers arrive without any damage, the trailers incorporate custom-built holding clamps to keep the mowers held down so that they do not move while in transit. The wide-profile wheels give the trailer stability over rough or wet ground, as well as spreading the weight over a large surface area to reduce track marks on the grass. The solid chassis is of welded steel construction with the floor and ramp made from weather-resistant wooden boards coated in a high-grip matt rubber, ensuring a long life span for the trailers. The design of the trailers adds storage facilities for grass collection boxes and brushes, and an adjustable hitch is fitted so that vehicles of varying height may tow the trailers.
SCH designs and manufactures its products in Britain, and offers great flexibility for customers requesting bespoke variation to standard products. Even with a varied product range, customers are always requesting something new or different, and at SCH custom builds are always welcomed.

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