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Green services provider Glendale was part of a team working to restore a Birmingham park’s ‘hidden gem’ to its former glory, alongside 60 armed service personnel.
An island at the centre of a lake in Brookvale Park, Birmingham, had eroded over time and the wildlife there was in danger of being lost.
Glendale helped to transform the island, working with the Friends of Brookvale Park, Birmingham Council, and Army Reservists from Field Squadron of the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers.
The operation involved reinforcing the island’s shoreline using gabions, large cages containing rocks which are resistant to moving water.
Gabions are used by the military to protect structures against explosives but can also be used in civil engineering. They will stabilise the island against erosion by directing the force of the flow of water, and are expected to protect the structure for the next 50 years.
Glendale also transported the gabions from Wolverhampton to Stockland Green, where the park is located.
The project finished 24 hours ahead of schedule, minimising noise and traffic disruption, and doubled up as a practical training exercise for army personnel.
Tod Hale, contract manager at Glendale said: “We have an excellent relationship with North Birmingham Police which is how we first became aware of the project, and we were only too happy to get involved.
“Brookvale Park is important to the community, both in terms of nostalgia and as a place where local people can take an interest in wildlife. Because of its derelict condition, the island would have continued to deteriorate and it’s likely that it would have eventually been lost forever.
“Thanks to the dedication and teamwork of everyone involved on the day the area has been transformed and can once again be enjoyed by the public.”
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