Back To The Fuchsia!

The below research, commissioned to mark the launch of the Nectar Business Small Business Awards, also looks at the importance of business names to the success of a business and how we (as the public) interact with businesses – based on their outward persona:
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back to the fusia

  • 44% will start a conversation about a funny business name they’ve seen
  • 20% of Brits will avoid a business purely because of its name

Please find below some examples of small business names that made the top ten in a survey to the funniest pun named business in the UK – including third placed gardening business Back To The Fuchsia.

  1. The Cod Father
  2. Curl Up & Dye
  3. Back To The Fuchsia
  4. Arnie’s Sarnies – You’ll Be Back
  5. A Fish Called Rhondda
  6. Florist Gump
  7. Doggy Style
  8. Bits & PC’s
  9. Barber Black Sheep
  10. Jack The Clipper
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