Following the announcement that the Government plans to increase fixed penalties for those caught speeding ‘excessively’, a survey by RoadPilot has revealed that two thirds of British motorists admit to breaking the speed limit on a regular basis.

The study found that the majority of drivers speed because they feel that the limits imposed on UK roads are too low – particularly the 70 miles-per-hour limit in place on dual carriageways and motorways, which 60 per cent of respondents say should be raised.

“Given the large number of people who admit to speeding, and the fact that there are over 10,000 speed camera sites in the UK, there are potentially a large number of drivers at risk of losing their license under the new proposals,” comments James Flynn of RoadPilot. “This is particularly true on motorways, where modern cars can make it all too easy for motorists to stray above the limit.”

Under the Government’s new scheme, which begins consultation today, motorists would receive six penalty points plus a £100 fine for a single offence where their vehicle’s speed exceeds a certain threshold.

While these new limits are under consultation, it is expected that within a 30 mph zone, the six-point endorsement would take effect when speed exceeds 50 mph, and on motorways the threshold would be 90 mph. Anyone committing two such offences would automatically incur 12 points on their licence, and therefore be subject to an immediate driving ban.

“There are currently over one million UK drivers with six-or-more points on their licence, who – if the legislation goes through unchanged – are potentially just one offence away from a ban The RoadPilot microGo speed camera locator helps drivers protect their wallet as well as their licence.”

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