Artificial Grass at Chelsea …Easigrass ..Hortus Infintus

Easigrass have announced that they will be exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower. It is the first time in 148 years that the RHS has ever allowed the use of artificial grass in a show garden. Special permission was given by the RHS as the grass is being used on the inside of a grotto, where plants would not normally grow.

The garden design, known as “The Urban Plantaholics Kitchen Garden” is the creation of 4 times gold medal winner, Tony Smith from Hortus Infintus.

Managing Director, Easigrass Anthony Gallagher says: “It is a pleasure to work alongside Tony Smith, on this new venture for Easigrass. We want to make people aware that our premium artificial grass can be used in a multitude of ways in and out of the garden. The RHS Chelsea Flower is the pinnacle of the gardening year and we look forward to welcoming plant and flower enthusiasts alike.”

The garden itself represents a leisure area of an eccentric successful business man, who not being a sun worshipper, has removed his existing conservatory from his luxury home and had it replaced with an Easigrass™ lined grotto where he can view his price selection of ferns. This particular character, once a collector of the world’s finest wines has transferred the same obsession towards his latest passion “Ferns and Orchids”. He has even transformed his everyday kitchen, removing all his existing work surfaces to make way for his prize collection of Orchids.

A unique part of this garden, and a first at Chelsea, is a piece of work by the poet John Armstrong which is played throughout the kitchen area. The title “Orchid” captures the spirit of the garden’s owner and his total obsession for flowers and their creation. It also manages to bring the magic of poetry to the textures and colours of the RHS Chelsea flower show. Live impromptu recitals from the poet himself will be given throughout the course of the week.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show, 25-29 May,

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