All hands-on deck

The new Wessex RMX-800 8M Tri-Deck Roller Mower has no electric clutches and the wing control is independent.
This means with one wing lifted it can cut gradients from -30° to +30°, whilst the middle deck remains on level ground.
There is independent float on all decks and at the end of the day you have the benefit of independent suspension for smooth road travel.
The machine is capable of cutting as much as 40 acres per hour. High output, fast forward speeds and high blade tip speeds combine let this RMX glide over the turf at twelve miles per hour.
This and the working width of eight metres can produce a saving of up to 50% in fuel costs.
The cutting height range is 10mm to 100mm and weighing in at about 3,465kg the power required is from 110hp.
Tel 01264 345870
wessex RMX 800 Main Image ADJUST

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