6,250 tons of paper to land on Britain’s doormats !

As the General Election campaign kicks off, Britain’s 25 million households are about to be deluged under thousands of tons of leaflets and newsletters from candidates, much of which will end up in the bin unread.
It’s a massive waste of paper and energy, and candidates should think twice before spamming people’s letterboxes with unwanted literature, says one national environmentally-friendly waste management company.
BigGreen.co.uk says that virtually nobody they spoke to over the issue of election literature is looking forward to receiving it, and a massive majority say that if they could prevent it coming through their door, they would.
“We’ve done a few calculations, and even with the most conservative of estimates, we reckon that 6,250 tons of paper will land on Britain’s doormats before May 7th comes round,” says BigGreen.co.uk  spokesperson Mark Hall. “And with the UK’s rather doubtful record of recycling its waste, up to 3,500 tons of this will go to landfill and be – in effect – a complete waste.”
With around 25 million households in the UK, you can see how this adds up, BigGreen.co.uk says.
BigGreen.co.uk is a leading expert in recycling and waste disposal for businesses of all kinds.

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