PPE wholesaler Workware rebrands to Carr’s Billington Safety

PPE wholesaler Workware has rebranded as Carr’s Billington Safety in a move to strengthen its position in the market as a leading distributor of specialist equipment, protective clothing, footwear and accessories to the arboriculture, forestry, horticulture and agricultural industries.

Building on its current reputation in the market as a reliable distributor of quality products, the new name is now aligned with the service the company supplies and provides the opportunity for the brand to grow, continue to innovate and tap into new customers, all with the support from its parent company Carr’s Billington Agriculture Ltd.

The rebranding, complete with new logo and website, has been led by Neil Thomas, Commercial Manager , who identified restrictions with the existing Workware branding, which was often associated with clothing alone.

“The name change from Workwear to Carr’s Billington Safety has been a real milestone in the company’s progression and represents a small but important change, one that is part of the major developments that have been taking place over the last 12 months,” explains Neil Thomas. “Since joining 14 months ago Carr’s Billington Safety has evolved in so many ways, from the customer facing aspect of the business with better stock management and clear precise pricing structures and investment in marketing programmes, to the unseen back-end changes with further integration with our parent company, Carr’s Billington Agricultural (Sales) Ltd and utilising the excellent internal resources available. The net result is that we have become more efficient and secured our position as an industry leading supplier. This process is ever evolving and we’ll continue to adapt and respond to market conditions.”

Carr’s Billington Safety will continue to strive to lead the way for a sustainable future through people, products and innovation, as outlined earlier this year when the new restructuring and investment model, including a simplified pricing structure and unique pre-ordering system, was announced.

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