Best Hedgetrimmers for 2022

Husqvarna 522HDR75X

A favourite amongst professional landscapers, the Husqvarna 522HDR75X hedge trimmer is a 21.7cc, double-sided trimmer with a 75cm cutter bar, high torque gear and coarse-cut blades, providing quality results on dense or overgrown hedges.
This petrol trimmer features a multi-position handle and boasts an impressively low weight combined with the slim, balanced design and low vibration levels to provide the user with comfortable handling, while the high capacity, high-speed professional knife blades, open blade guard and impressive power output allow for unmatched cutting performance on the sides and tops of hedges.

The trimmer comes with a fuel pump and like other models in the Husqvarna portfolio, the 522HDR75X also includes a stop switch that automatically resets to the ON position, all allowing for trouble-free starting. The two-stage air filter in dual materials also provides less cost for service and less engine wear and the effective low-noise engine creates less disturbance for those working in busy areas.


 The HLA 135 is STIHL’s most robust and powerful cordless long-reach hedge trimmer in its offering, ideal for commercial applications and trimming and pruning back large hedgerows, especially in noise sensitive environments.

Weighing just 5.6kg (without battery), the STIHL HLA 135 is 249cm in length and features 600mm double-sided, double-edged universal blades that can cut through 16-18mm branches. The cutter bar can be rotated through 145º via the lightweight magnesium gearbox to enable over-head, side and ground-level cutting.

A comfortable control handle boasts three-speed pre-selection levels through an LED display, enabling operators to alter their working speed to the necessary conditions, whilst optimising battery-working time. Maximum stroke rate is an impressive 4000rpm, perfect for leaving a smooth finish on conifers.

Other features include a soft loop handle and grip shaft, RTS harness eyelet and mesh air filter. When used in conjunction with STIHL’s AP 200 battery, the HLA 135 has a working time of up to 64 minutes.

XGT 40VMax by Makita

Makita’s range of XGT 40VMax hedge trimmers are must-have for professionals wanting to keep gardens looking trim and tidy. The UH004G and UH005G deliver a no-load speed of up to 5,000rpm and feature an asymmetric, double-sided, curved, sharp-edged blade for easy trimming to provide a high-end finish and to help prevent branches from snagging the blade. Powered by Makita’s most powerful battery platform – XGT 40VMax, these hedge trimmers are designed with curved teeth to reduce friction resistance that will suppress energy loss and extend run time. What’s more, the inclined tooth edge enables the blade to easily catch, firmly hold and sharply cut twigs or thin branches up to 23.5mm for maximum efficiency.
Also, in the XGT 40VMax range are the UH006G and UH007G. Specifically designed for trimming overgrown dense hedges and thick branches. These machines have a non-curved, sharp-edged blade, that can cut thicker branches up to 25mm in diameter, ideal for rough cutting.
With user safety in mind, all of these hedge trimmers are low vibration machines and for comfort, including a rubberised soft grip. The UH004G, UH005G, UH006G, and UH007G all feature a reverse switch to easily free the blade when jammed in thick branches.

Pellenc Helion 3

Pellenc has recently launched the new Helion 3 hedge trimmer. Versatile with its three cutter blades, which can be changed in under a minute, the Helion 3 guarantees a perfect finish every time. Its exceptional cutting capacity allows operators to cut sections up to 3 cm in diameter in complete safety. It can also be used in all types of weather.

It boasts a blade guard, an aluminium stiffener, carbon steel blades and a stainless-steel anti-kickback guard. It also incorporates an anti locking blade system that reverses the direction of rotation if the cutting bar gets stuck in vegetation.

There are four cutting speeds to make it possible to adapt to the type of species to be trimmed or pruned and there is a quick switch system for changing blades.  The Helion 3 also allows quick connection and disconnection of the tool to the battery to get out of any risky situation fast

Cobra H5024V

The Cobra H5024V cordless hedge trimmer is built for demanding jobs, taking the strenuous work away from gardeners and making it simple and easy to transform hedges and shrubbery. Plus, with the addition of a double-sided cutting blade, hedges can be easily shaped as the direction of the cut can be altered simply – providing flexibility and versatility in its use. The H5024V is also powered by a 24V Lithium-ion battery, providing a lightweight feel and ease in manoeuvrability.

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