Water no more

With the capacity to be left unattended for up to 12 weeks without watering, Lechuza self-watering planters are perfect for those wanting plants and greenery, but without the time to tend to them.

Budding gardeners can now buy Lechuza products online from more retailers, including crocus.co.uk, Waitrose & Partners Garden website and RHS Plants Online.

Lechuza’s Key Account Manager, Ian Riggs, commented: “All three of our new stockists are big names in the online horticultural retail world, so we’re pleased to see leading names like Crocus, Waitrose & Partners Garden and RHS Plants Online recognising the benefits and popularity of Lechuza products and offering these to their customers.”

Lechuza takes the guesswork out of plant care – something that naturally puts many people off investing in plants and pots. Over-watering or drying out pot plants is now history thanks to the innovative and stylish self-watering planter system, which features an internal reservoir that delivers precisely the correct amount of water and nutrients to growing plants, ensuring optimum growth, strong roots and good overall health.


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