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TigerTurf , manufacturer of synthetic turf, have just developed the what they claim to be the ‘greenest’ ever.
‘Vision’ is the first synthetic turf product made from recycled material, making it green in every sense of the word. A lawn of 400sqm can reuse up to 9,000 plastic drinks bottles, which is the equivalent of six peoples’ yearly consumption of plastic.
“It’s really exciting to think we are the first company to take a step in the process of producing a surface that can be made from recycled materials and still deliver on all the traditional benefits of synthetic turf” says Dylan Griffiths, Product Manager from TigerTurf.
“Aesthetically, ‘Vision’ has already received outstanding praise. Due to its multi-coloured appearance, containing various shades of light brown and green, it’s been hailed as a breakthrough for the industry. By using different fibres, the texture of the grass is enhanced, which makes it soft to the touch, creating a safe environment for the whole family to relax and play on”

‘Vision’ is now available from TigerTurf’s established network of installers and is responsibly manufactured in the UK by an experienced, skilled work force.

Tel: 0129 925 3966

See the next issue of The Landscaper for more details

(Calculation of 9,000 plastic drinks bottles being equivalent to the yearly consumption of six people based on figures from Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

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