Pro pruner

After an initial three years of development, the PRO-Pruner range is now available, offering simple, robust, well engineered pruning tools capable of pruning branches up to 65mm in diameter. The advanced design features of the PRO-Pruner include:
• A curved blade: the shape of the curved blade pulls the pruner onto the branch and holds it tight, helping to avoid collar damage, blade crossover and slip; the ability to hold bigger branches and easier scarfing are major benefits.
• PRO-Lock threading: threaded handles, fitted with specially designed PRO-Lock bolts, has eliminated nut and bolt failure. The easy adjust PRO-Lock bolts prevent lifting when the lock-nut is tightened. This system reduces the number of working parts ensuring the pruners perform better.
• Strength and durability; reducing the bolt holes in the handles to 7mm and riveting the tube to the high strength steel arms further strengthens the handles.
• Operator comfort; ergonomically designed grips and the offset bolts on the handle to head have helped in reducing shock to the operator’s arms and elbows.
Once proven in the forests of New Zealand, Lakewood Products started exporting the PRO-Pruner to other countries and the products are now in use in countries including: Argentina, Brazil and Chile where the tools are in daily use.
Available in the UK through Baxter Baye
Tel 0845 2222 037

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