Instant hedging and screening

Readyhedge is a wholesale nursery growing high quality instant hedging and screening plants. The range is grown in 1m troughs and is ready spaced for ease of planting. This product is ideally suited to landscape contracts and domestic gardens alike.
Some examples of other products in their hedging and screening range include pleached trees, espalier fruit, high and low screening panels. Hedging plants from 1m to 4m are available in containers or rootball/bareroot in the winter.
Readyhedge offer the following advantages:
Ready spaced plants – No working out needed
Easy to measure your requirements – Just pace out the 1m lengths
Planting time is reduced by at least HALF compared to using individual plants Click here for a close up view
A quick trim along the top at the height you require gives an instant effect within minutes of planting
Product can be bent or cut to almost any shape Click here for a close up view
Double plant for an exceptionally dense hedge
Opening times 8.00am-4.30pm Mon – Thursday and 8.00am-3.30pm Friday, at all other times please ring to make an appointment
TEl 01386 750585

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