New amenity plants 2020

John Lawrence, Amenity and Landscape Sales Key Account Manager at Wyevale Nurseries, with (from left to right) Amelanchier ‘Rainbow Pillar’, Sycoparrotia ‘Purple Haze’, Viburnum dentatum ‘Blue Muffin’, Dianella ‘Blue Stream’ and Anthyllis Barba-jovis.

Wyevale Nurseries has unveiled its new amenity crop range for 2020, with eight new plants selected based on their habit, colour and functionality.
Kyle Ross, Production Manager at Wyevale Nurseries based in Hereford, explained: “We have been trialling and testing these plants over the past two years to ensure the crops we put forward are the absolute best for our customers. Trialling consists of reviews of the plant’s hardiness, comparing different growing and pruning methods and monitoring susceptibility to pest and diseases.”
The selection includes:

  • Amelanchier ‘Rainbow Pillar’ – a compact, upright small tree, which is mildew tolerant.
  • Teucrium fruticans ‘Selection’ – round and tough silver foliaged with purple flowers, an excellent Lavandula alternative.
  • Sycoparrotia ‘Purple Haze’ – a rare new introduction. A low growing and spreading shrub, autumn foliage colours of purple, yellow, red and orange.
  • Viburnum nudum ‘Brandywine’ – an excellent, branching plant with glossy red leaves.
  • Viburnum dentatum ‘Blue Muffin’ – eye-catching, upright with diamond leaves. Multi-functional use within planting schemes or hedges.
  • Dianella ‘Blue Stream’ – a clumping Dianella, strong and vigorous with Glaucus blue foliage.
  • Anthyllis Barba-jovis – Jupiter’s Beard – this coastal specimen boasts an incredible upright habit, with feathery silver foliage. Perfect as a focal plant.
  • Euonymus ‘White Spire – brand new to the trade and a Wyevale Nurseries’ exclusive, this compact shrub has some of the best variegation Euonymus has to offer. It can be used as hedging or for border planting.

John Lawrence, Amenity & Landscape Sales Key Account Manager at Wyevale Nurseries, added: “We’ve seen a growing demand from our customers looking to bring added value to their plant schemes, be it different colours, different textures or the need to respond to challenging site conditions like we saw with this year’s hot summer. Coupled with increased scrutiny of plant health means it’s a great opportunity to be able to explore and offer new high-quality solutions to an ever-changing landscape from our own production and offer these to the UK landscape market.”

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