Gold Rush at Chelsea

Hillier is set to introduce three new plants in its Chelsea Flower Show garden in 2018. Each plant is different, but complement the rustic theme of Hillier’s garden ‘Stihl Inspiration’.
Eryngium ’Blue Waves’ is a hybrid developed solely with Hillier Nurseries in the UK. This unique blend of Eryngium bourgatii and Eryngium alpinum was first cultivated in 2002 when two plants, growing close to each other, resulted in the production 11 hybrid seedlings. One of these was then selected due to its strong, upright stems and large bracted cone like flower head, which is surrounded by a number of smaller bracted flowers. This will be the star of the Hillier 2018 Chelsea Flower Show garden.
Salvia ’Rhythm and Blues’ will add height to the planting in the garden. A result of exceptional breeding, Salvia ‘Rhythm and Blues’ has large summer flowers in stunning colours. This Salvia, a hybrid of Salvia guaranitica, the hummingbird sage, has stiff long black tipped flower stems of up to 90cm tall that contrast beautifully with its vivid blue flowers. It produces masses of freely repeat-flowering blooms throughout the season.
The Hydrangea aspera ‘Gold Rush’ exclusively grown by Hillier Nurseries in the UK is a shrub of distinctive velvety textured gold foliage with striking lavender blue flowers surrounded by distinctive white florets on its edges.
The new plants were introduced by the Hillier Research and Development team. George Hillier, explained: “We love unveiling our plants at Chelsea and watching people come to find them in the garden. There is almost as much anticipation each year for the announcement of these as there is about the garden design. A key part of Hillier is expanding our growing business and we do this, and maintain our positioning in the market, by the introduction of new plants. Our R&D team is constantly working, alongside our international partners, to deliver exciting new innovations to the market.”
The three new plants will be available to purchase in Hillier’s 12 garden centres after they have been launched at Chelsea Flower Show.

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