Best Spring Days ever

Groen-Direkt’s Spring Days fair took place on 11 and 12 April. Almost five hundred growers presented their products to the visitors.
Hundreds of buyers inspected the alphabetically arranged products in the Dutch town of Boskoop.
+Groen-Direkt works with a unique formula, offering a wide, highly diverse range of garden plants under one roof by combining thirty sample fairs a year with a webshop.
Buyers can see, feel and smell the plants themselves at the fairs, or opt for the convenience of purchasing via the webshop, where they can view weekly updated photos of the products.
In both cases they can choose from a distinctive range of plants that they will receive quickly, via one order, one delivery and one invoice.
In the remaining part of the year, around twenty more fairs will be organised in Boskoop, where trading companies and garden centres will find a full range of garden plants.
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