Self watering boxes

ebertsankey has launched a number of self watering boxes which can save up to 50% of watering time.
These are of a high quality design with the functionality of separate wall and balcony brackets that are cleverly hidden from view. ebertsankey self-watering boxes have large water and soil storage capacity. To successfully plant a self watering box, add the compost and plants to the container, water from above for a few weeks until the roots have reached the water reservoir.
The Wave balcony planter is now released in three fresh spring colours of sandstone, pink and blue. This is in addition to existing colours of terracotta and granite.
Wave is a contemporary design that has an integrated mounting support. It has a 9L soil capacity with a 1L water reservoir.
Westerland self watering
The Westerland self watering container has a picket fence design but brought bang up to date with stunning colours of fuchsia, kiwi, yellow as well as white and granite.Complete with a water level indicator and overflow, Westerland has a 7L soil capacity and enormous 3L water reservoir.
Part of the Ravenna range, this self-watering box has a water level indicator and comes in the colours granite and terracotta. There are three sizes with soil capacity of 60cm, 80cm and 100cm and a large water capacity of 3.6L, 5L and 6.3L respectively.

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