Turntable trolley

SCH (Supplies) build special ‘one-off’ designs to meet customers’ individual requirements. For example, a ‘farm gate’ egg and produce vendor asked SCH if they had a trolley suitable for the purpose in their range’ ‘No’ but SCH offered to design and construct one.

The end result is a 1800mm x 915mm four wheel turntable trolley which has facilities for manual pulling or mechanical towing. The vending cabinet is cottage shaped. The roof has authentic asphalt tiles. The inside is fitted with two sloping sales shelves with space under the bottom shelf for additional vending or storage space. There are two outward opening lockable doors. SCH have included in the build an anti theft device which consists of a ring eye on the trailer, a spike which is driven into the ground with anti lift, pull out protrusions. A chain and padlock between the two prevents most theft attempts.

Tel 01473 328272 www.sch-supplies.uk.co

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