Top-quality LED systems from manufacturers like Wilderness Lighting provide massive levels of illumination from light bars that are discreet, offer long life and are unbelievably tough. Established car makers like Volkswagen are now using full LED headlamps in their latest models. Geoff Adams reports
Health and safety is the biggest issue in the landscaping and agriculture industry. The LED light from wilderness lights are using LEDs that give a very White light, this light gives more contrast when working at night and also is closer to natural sunlight which the human eye prefers, the Old halogen light gives out a yellow light which we have to adapt to and this tires our eyes and can lead to driver fatigue.
By using LEDs this fatigue is no longer an issue and will lead to a safer and brighter working environment. A 55w light gives out around 800 to 900 lumens, one Wilderness Compact lights give out over 3200 lumens and only asks for 2.8 Amps at 12 volts verses the 5 amps from the halogen.
Toughness is important in lights that are going to be used off-road, and the IP69K rating says it doesn’t come any tougher than Wilderness.
The highest protection level available on the international scale, this means the company’s lights are 100% dust-tight and watertight even against high-pressure, high-temperature close-range sprays.
Wilderness lights have an average lifespan of 50,000-plus hours and come with a lens that’s both scratch-proof and unbreakable. Again, just what you want on an off-road machine.
They’re easy to fit with simple ‘plug and play’ connectors featuring surge protection and waterproof switches. They draw a fraction of the power needed by standard lights, while delivering a massive output of pure white light. As well as the standard black finish.
 With LED lights you get what you pay for. The LEDs themselves are classed by their manufacturers according to the strength of their output, from Grade A for the very best to Grade E for the weakest.
All Wilderness Lighting products only use exclusively Grade A LEDs.The LEDs’ manufacturers price them according to their grade, so Class A is always more expensive than Class B. This means the only way to make a profit by selling cheap light bars is to use lower-quality LEDs.
All Wilderness Lighting come with a three year warranty. And they’re supported by a proper UK distribution network.
Wilderness Lighting only uses Class A LEDs from Cree and Olson, the top two names in the business – so you can be sure that as well as offering first-class customer service, Wilderness will have the products to go with it.
Wilderness products bring top quality to the market , with outstanding new features.

  • UK’s only IP69K LED lights
  • Only 4x10W Class A Cree LED compact at £69.99
  • Only LED with 3-year UK warranty
  • Wilderness Orb: 8.5” round light with Daytime Running Lights. An array of 33 x 3-watt Olson white LEDs delivers a massive 8800 LM of light in a choice of three beam patterns
  • Wilderness Duplex: A double-row LED light bar in a variety of sizes from 4-50”. These are IP69K rated and offer a choice of spot and flood in 4”, 6”, 10” sizes, plus three-combination lights for 20” and above, for the best of both worlds.
  • Wilderness Solo: Single-row LED light bars in a variety of sizes from 6-50”. These are IP69K rated and most models offer a choice of three beam patterns from their Olson white LEDs

Wilderness Compact: Small but powerful multi- purpose lights with arrays of 4×10-watt CREE and 6×5-watt Olson LEDs delivering a choice of flood, spot, driving and diffusing beam patterns. This range includes the UK’s first 40-watt Class A LED lighting product at less than £70 – proving that top-quality needn’t break the bank!
Geoff Adams is Managing Director of Wilderness Lighting

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