SUDS CONFERENCE LAUNCHED……20 – 21st June Thame,Oxfordshire.

SuDSsource has announced details of the 2012 National SuDS Conference – a forum for development of unified best practice and help for all those seeking guidance on Sustainable Drainage Systems. The Conference will be held from 20 – 21st June in Thame, Oxfordshire.
With the draft National Standards for SuDS due to be implemented later this year and government’s encouragement of the development of guidance now, the National SuDS Conference is ideally placed to consolidate practical guidance. It will bring together the experience of those already implementing SuDS around the country, exploring the real implications of well-designed SuDS schemes and dispelling myths. It will provide support for practitioners, local authorities, SuDS Approving Bodies (SABS), developers and their consultants in the implementation of the 2010 Flood and Water Management Act and National Standards.
All SuDS techniques will be included and the most relevant issues (some identified during the Conference itself) dealt with including: design, construction, costs, adoption, maintenance, flow control and waste management. In essence, this event will provide a unique forum to debate and clarify the practical issues surrounding delivery of effective and attractive SuDS at reasonable initial and whole-life costs. In addition to key presentations by selected experts, seminars will bring together specialists and open up debate on issues of concern. Site visits will explore projects adopted by Oxford County Council for further discussion.

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