Stage V Legislation: Unravelling the myths

Timberwolf, specialists in the manufacture of professional wood chippers, uncover the myths of recent Stage V legislation for non-road mobile machinery 

In January this year (2019), the introduction of new government legislation to reduce engine emissions saw much speculation and misinformation in the arboriculture industry.

A number of ‘myths’ were soon in circulation, with many believing that diesel powered wood chippers could no longer be used or purchased due to the new rules, known as ‘Stage V’, affecting non-road mobile machinery, including wood chippers. This is wrong.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of professional wood chippers, Timberwolf sought to bring clarity to these changes through the launch of its All the Facts, #NoOmissions campaign. 

Timberwolf’s campaign reassured those working in the arboriculture industry that pre-Stage V diesel wood chippers above 25HP, including its best-selling sub-750kg wood chipper TW 230DHB, could still be used and traded after the implementation of the new rules.

Through the publication of an easy-to-read White Paper and informative graphics across industry media and Timberwolf’s social platforms, the campaign ensured the facts surrounding the legislation were made clear and accessible to everyone.

Timberwolf Product Marketing Manager, Antony Alexander says: “It’s over six months since we launched our ‘All the Facts, #NoOmissions’ campaign and the feedback has been really interesting. We’ve received lots of positive comments from the industry and it was great to answer questions and hear lots of conversations about the legislation at this year’s ARB Show.

“Whilst it’s helped a lot, we’re still finding that some are unsure what Stage V means, so we’re working really hard to support people in understanding the impact. Stage V is by no means the end of diesel. 

Antony Alexander, Product Marketing at Timberwolf

“Pre-Stage V engines, that were manufactured before January this year, can be sold for many months to come. Also, if anyone owns a diesel powered wood chipper already, they can continue to use it as they always have.

“It’s certainly changed our industry and has presented a big challenge to manufacturers, but it is also an opportunity for innovation within our industry. We’re using our vast engineering expertise to develop a new range of Stage V compliant machines that will deliver unrivalled performance and change the face of the industry.”

Timberwolf’s years of industry experience has enabled them to prepare in depth for the implementation of Stage V, with customers at the core of their plans.

From 1st January 2019, the new legislation required engine manufacturers to cease production of pre-Stage V engines. However, it allowed 18 months for these engines to be installed in to products and placed on the market.

As a result, Timberwolf invested in a significant number of pre-Stage V, 35HP Kubota diesel engines, an industry favourite due to its reliability, power and efficiency. This means the current range of diesel Timberwolf wood chippers will be available while stocks last; offering end users a level of choice unrivalled by any wood chipper manufacturer in the UK market.

Antony Alexander said: “We have planned differently to other manufacturers. Through listening to customers, we know they want to keep buying machines using the 35HP Kubota diesel engines, operating at full power, ahead of the legislation change. 

“As a result, we have invested in a considerable number of pre-Stage V engines to meet this demand.

“At the same time, our engineers are working to develop a new range of Stage V-compliant products which, when released, will be unrivalled in power and strength with no compromise on performance.”

Timberwolf is renowned for offering the widest choice of diesel and petrol wood chippers on the market, designed and manufactured in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, to meet the diverse needs of modern arborists.

“We work hard to ensure Timberwolf products and customer service are at the forefront of our industry, offering power, strength and support that no other manufacturer can,” says Antony Alexander.

“Put simply, Timberwolf is more than a machine. When purchasing a Timberwolf product, customers are investing in over 30 years of industry experience and engineering excellence, and they have the peace of mind that our network of dealers and trained technicians are available to provide support wherever they are in the UK.” 

To date, Timberwolf has manufactured more than 13,500 machines from their purpose-built facility, in Stowmarket, Suffolk, using the best available production and quality control techniques. Customers are also supported by Timberwolf’s three year warranty and a UK-wide dealer network, with more than 250 trained Timberwolf technicians operating from 38 depots across the country. 

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