Fiberweb Geosynthetics manufactures TERRAM – a diverse range of mesh, paving and fabric solutions designed to strengthen, stabilise and protect grass surfaces while allowing full natural grass growth. These can be used in a variety of applications including: pedestrian paths, disabled access routes, equestrian surfaces, verges, car parks, caravan parks and light aircraft taxiways.
GrassProtecta is a heavy-duty thick polyethylene mesh for reinforcing grassed surfaces over firm, well-drained soils. Installation is simple, after cutting the grass short; the mesh is laid directly onto the grass surface and secured in position using metal pins or plastic pegs. The sward grows through the mesh apertures and intertwines with the filaments creating a strong, discreetly reinforced surface capable of withstanding traffic loads, limiting damage and helping to reduce compaction.
TurfProtecta is more suitable for lighter, load-bearing applications with occasional vehicular or pedestrian use.
Fiberweb Geosynthetics advises that the best results are achieved if the areas are left untrafficked for a few weeks during the growing season to allow the sward to establish and intertwine with the mesh. If the surface is used immediately then establishment may take longer.
Both products can also be installed onto newly landscaped areas and seeded as required.
The oscillated mesh structure has been designed to increase traction and improve slip resistance by up to 97% compared to standard straight oriented meshes.
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