Pennies to run

The Tomberlin VANISH, from ePower Trucks, costs just pennies per mile to run, it offers big savings on fuel as well as CO2 emissions. Lighter, more powerful and with more safety features than its competitors, the VANISH is ideal for game reserves, utility companies, landscaping, grounds-keeping, outdoor pursuits and estates management.
The unique off-road utility vehicle is officially launched in Scotland at the Scottish Fleet, Waste & Grounds Services Seminar and exhibition, which takes place from 23-26 May at the Hilton Coylumbridge, Aviemore.
Jerry Hanss, Managing Director of ePower Trucks, said: “This versatile, road-legal electric 4×4 can play a key role in helping the Scottish public sector reduce CO2 emissions from fleets, while also saving the taxpayer money.”
With flat torque, electric vehicles are ideal for off-road applications. The VANISH is capable of 50 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 25mph. It comes with multi-speed forward and reverse speed transmission, can tow up to 682kg (1,500lbs) and carry two people plus a 227kg (500lb) payload. It costs from 3p per mile to run in electricity, depending on drive conditions; a fraction of the fuel costs for a diesel-powered utility vehicle (UTV).
The VANISH is available now from ePower Trucks, priced from £10,995 on the road, plus VAT; prices in the Alke ATX range start at £15,500.
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