Partner Network…………………..The Grass Factory

The Grass Factory is a family run business based in the heart of Lancashire, who set up as an artificial grass company three years ago. ” We are happy to report we are going from strength to strength” sales manager Rebecca Dempster told The Landscaper
“Our growing success is due to our work ethic, we are passionate and enthusiastic about our products and ensure our customers’ experience is a happy one.”
The Grass Factory provide a full range of artificial grass suitable for every application and offer a solution for even the most demanding of customers. Their clients include dog owners, families with football mad children, the elderly who just want a low maintenance lawn, landlords, hotels, children’s day care nurseries, multi use games areas, commercial landscaping, or just busy people.
The Grass Factory operates a partner network consisting of landscapers and groundwork companies all over the U.K. ” All our partners are approved by us and have completed our in-house training course. There is no financial outlay necessary, no need to carry stock and all orders are delivered direct from our premises on the day they need it. Full product support, samples, marketing, media and brochures are provided along with a friendly, professional service.”
“Whatever the problem, from muddy wet lawns to barren dust bowls – we have the solution. No mud, no mess, no mowing.” says Rebecca
Tel: 01254 292 260

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