Overseas garden tours!

With ‘singles’ making up almost one third of clients going overseas to view exotic and often very private gardens, the tour operators of Worldwide Garden Tours are working hard to stop supplements for people travelling on their own.
Worldwide Garden Tours’ Peter Moxley has already negotiated to stop the practice in many of the destinations his tours visit and is confident that by the start of the 2017 season it will be virtually non- existent.
“It is an iniquitous charge that can be as high as 25% on the top of a tour price.  Most hoteliers in the private sector are very helpful but we still occasionally find problems when we have to use major chains.  The worst offending countries are Italy and France,” he says.
Worldwide Garden Tours visits gardens, many of which are strictly off-limits to the general public but, through their overseas guides, these are opened up for the company because it only takes small parties and has worked hard to develop strong, lasting relationships.

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