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Thrive’s new garden at Beech Hill, near Reading, is created for people who are recovering from a stroke or heart attack.
The Hearts and minds garden forms part of Thrive’s new ‘gallery of gardens’ designed to suit the needs of specific disabilities.
This garden will help people tackle the effects of stroke including partial paralysis, reduced mobility, limited vision, loss of sensory capacity, and physical weakness, using a design which enables them to take part in gentle exercise to recover health, strength, stamina and co-ordination.
The plants have been chosen for their healing properties. Rosemary and lavender are mood boosting, uplifting plants, whilst the vegetables grown include beetroot, which helps regulate heart beat and blood pressure and spring onions, which can reduce cholesterol.
Thrive is a national charity which helps disabled people harness the therapeutic benefits of gardening and is opening its garden gates to the public on Sunday July 10
Thrive will also be selling top quality plants at great prices direct from the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.
Whilst the hard landscaping work has now been completed, thanks to the generosity of Marshalls who are supporting Thrive in 2011, the charity still needs to raise funds to complete the final three gardens.
Tel 0118 988 5688

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