Olympic paving

A new SUDS-compliant paving system comprised of recycled car tyres is being used to boost the eco-credentials of landscaping provided at the Olympic Village.
The SUDSCAPE system is being used on 460 sq metres of pathways within the residential courtyards of the Athletes’ village
Landscape Architects Macfarlane Wilder, who are the appointed Landscape Architects for blocks N10 and N14, chose Sudscape for a number of reasons. The SUDSCAPE System does not require a concrete or tarmac base, a key consideration for roof top landscaping where access for installation equipment is difficult. Use of the system also eliminates the risk of standing water or flooding – SUDSCAPE has its own built-in rubber sub-base using recycled car tyres, with a top layer comprised of resin and aggregate. As both layers are porous and flexible, water is held within the voids within the sub-base until it is naturally absorbed back into the water table.
SUDSCAPE offers a host of other benefits making it ideal for the Olympic project, including a relatively quick installation process, easy maintenance, with no weeding required, and also cost effectiveness, with the system boasting a similar price structure to block paving.
Peter Wilder of Macfarlane Wilder told The Landscaper “The Athletes’ Village demands a rigorous approach to surface water management responsibly sourced materials. SUSCAPE is a system that we have encountered through our work on the BRE Innovation Parks where it has proven its credentials as a low carbon alternative to traditional resin bound systems.”

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SUDSCAPE is suitable for car parks, driveways and path ways in both the commercial and residential markets.
The UK discards 48 million car tyres a year, and Sudscape addresses this problem by using 3 recycled tyres per metre in its system.
SUDSCAPE can hold 2,000 litres of water per square metre per hour, preventing flash flooding

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