NEW TRADE ACCOUNT…….Ground Cover, Weed Control and Geo-textile Membranes…

The specialist website DIY Matters have announced the launch of TRADE COUNTER which is aimed at supporting Landscape Gardening and Professional Horticultural companies by offering significant reductions, on top of their existing wholesale pricing structure. They specialise in Ground Cover, Weed Control and Geo-textile Membranes. As part of a larger organisation, they have access to the best products at the best prices for all types of Ground Control Membranes and additionally offer competitive pricing on garden tools, netting, screening and many other products.
They offer 3 main grades of membrane

Standard Weed Control Fabric
A breathable weed suppressing garden membrane.
Ideal for borders and flower beds to be used under mulch, decorative gravel, bark or simply for lining planters in the garden.
Heavy Duty Weed Control / Ground Cover
Heavy duty, durable woven ground cover for heavy duty applications such as under gravel, slate, decking garden paths and trails.
Driveway and Patio Weed Control
A specially designed geo-textile fabric for use as a strong, puncture resistant, but porous membrane for the most demanding applications.
It’s unique bonded fibre structure gives good drainage performance whilst it’s high strength provides ground stabilisation with high puncture and tear resistance.
Trade Counter allows small businesses to benefit from a trade discount on all products, all delivered next day (week days only) to your door, allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand, saving time and money.
(click on the Trade Counter icon)

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