New reservoir

Growing demand for Paynes Turf’s products has led to another significant investment by the company, with the building of a new 10 acre reservoir in Great Bentley, Essex.
It is capable of irrigating over 400 acres of Paynes Turf’s land, and will not only safeguard year-round turf production, but ensure Paynes’ quality standards are maintained whatever the weather.
Constructed in partnership with a local farmer, the reservoir will also support farming in the community.
Director John Payne, told The Landscaper the key reason for the company’s success is the ability to supply on demand, something which the reservoir guarantees:
“The reservoir provides a year-round natural water source to irrigate our farms – which are located in the South East due to the excellent quality soil. It essentially means that we’re not affected by weather conditions and can supply the finest possible turf to our customers whenever they need it – no matter what time of year.”
Obtaining planning permission for reservoirs is notoriously difficult, however Paynes Turf went to exceptional lengths to ensure that theirs was built responsibly, as John explained:
“We worked closely with the farmer and the authorities to ensure that the site exceeded the minimum standards set by building and environmental regulations. The reservoir is a winter storage reservoir, so from the end of November to the beginning of March fills with naturally occurring run-off water which can be used whenever needed.”
The reservoir in Essex is the second to be built by Paynes Turf. Together, these reservoirs cater for half of the company’s production requirements.
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