Love parks week ….support needed for Greenspace

Parks charity GreenSpace are appealing for organisations to support a nationwide campaign – Love Parks Week – which raises the awareness of the importance of parks, voicing the need for continual investment and support for such valuable public assets.
Love Parks Week was launched as a national campaign in 2006 by parks charity GreenSpace. The campaign encourages as many people as possible to get out and enjoy their free local green spaces whilst enabling event organisers, such as local authorities, fitness companies, trusts and community groups to run successfully branded and advertised events in their parks for their local communities.
The campaign has grown year after year, with Love Parks Week 2011 being the most successful yet. It reached a huge level of public participation, attracting one million people across the UK to parks and green spaces, whilst receiving increased sector support and national news coverage. Astonishingly the campaign has achieved these milestones with limited funding and for the last five years operated without a budget, with just time allocated to it from a team of four at GreenSpace.
Funding will go towards both the operations and maintenance costs of the campaign and provide the event organisers on low budgets with materials to promote their activities to communities. The campaign is reaching the minimum of its potential and with some added funds it could grow into something really powerful.
Love Parks Week 21-29 July 2012
GreenSpace is a registered charity which works to improve parks and green spaces by raising awareness, involving communities and creating skilled professionals.

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