Long range irrigation

Revaho UK distributors for Hunter irrigation products, have announced the launch of the ST 1600 long range sprinklers.
The ST-1600 had been specifically developed for irrigating large areas where sprinklers can only be placed around the perimeter. The primary application is for irrigation of synthetic pitches, however the sprinkler’s forty eight metre throw makes it well suited for watering many areas including skid pans, training pitches and sites where locating sprinklers around the edge is the only option.
The high performance Hunter ST-1600 is available in both pop-up and riser mounted versions and is expected to become the leading product in the long range sportsfield market sector.
“We are very pleased that Hunter added a long throw rotor to their already impressive range of sports sprinklers. It is a natural progression from the company that is recognised as the world leader in sportsfield irrigation. The ST-1600 has already created a large amount of interest amongst amenity irrigation consultants and contractors. Its introduction adds yet another premium product to Revaho’s ever growing, market leading irrigation product portfolio”, Graeme Francis, Revaho UK’s Sports Sales Manager told The Landscaper
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